ACTIVE Re-Design + UX Examples

Active Network has very powerful event management software, BUT IT IS UGLY! Their customers have been begging for a new look and I was able to give it to them.   We worked with the heads of the development teams to migrate their product offering to a central cloud offering and gave it this fresh new look.  It was a bit of a challenge because they are very data heavy but we are all please with the results.  Especially when we compare it to the old version.

Client: Active Network – Draper UT

At Active I primarily focused on User Experience(UX) work.  It is not as glamorous but it shows the research and design process it takes to develop a truly effective product.  Here are some examples:


Active_WidgetLayouts Active_UserProfile_Wire Active_UserProfile_HighRes Active_StyleGuide Active_Speakers Active_Roles Active_NavStructure_Flow Active_NavStructure Active_EventPhases Active_EventList Active_EventDetails Active_Dashboard_HighRes Active_CreateEmail_HighRes Active_CloudNav Active_AccountDashboard